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Multifunction mobile coffee kiosk/multipurpose mobile food cart / Coffee vending cart

Multifunction mobile coffee kiosk/multipurpose mobile food cart / Coffee vending cart


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Product Description

1. Chassis 

  • integral steel frame construction: square tube :100*50*4mm + 60*40*2mm

  • Suspension components: 5-leaf springs with axle; treated with rust resistant protective coating; load-bearing 4400 pound trailer; 

  • Maximum speed(Kilometer/hour): 80


2. Body: 

  • Wall frame is welded by square tubes

  • external wall is high quality stainless steel,

  • middle layer is 5cm heat insulation,

  • internal wall is High quality stainless steel.

  • one selling window available in front.

  • high visibility tail light signal system.(brake, turn, back)

  • with waterproof sealing strip 


3. Flooring: 

  • 3 layers: 2mm non-slip embossed aluminum + 10mm plywood or pvc + galvanized sheet


4. Wheel:

  • double axles(four wheel);  14 inch tires; guide wheel


5. Water sinks:

  • Double sinks/Three water sinks with hot and cold water taps,

  • a fresh water tank, a waste water tank (25L/tank standard)

  • 12V mini water pump, 

  • on/off control switch.

6. Electric accessories:

  • High-power distribution box added with safety switch + external cables

  • Two row led spotlights on inner ceiling

  • Led lamp on the selling window

  • Standard socket quantity as need

  • Cable layout as need

  • Tail light , braking light and turning light


7. Work bench:

  • two-layer steel work bench on each side, W*H: 450*900mm

  • customized inner layout by requirement.

  • outside extension/folding counter 


8. Customized service

  • Three compartment sinks and hand wash

  • Tank capacity can be customized

  • British style, American style, European style, Australian style and etc

  • Color, trailer size, material, suspension system

  • Generator frame, gas work system(gas cable, gas bottle, gas box avoiding falling

  • Floor air vents, inner ventilation system

  • Window/door size and style

  • ...and etc.

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