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Street snack vending equipment coffee food trailer,hot dog carts,mobile food trucks for sale

resistant,compertment temeperature,fire protection features.Backside using double-color plate of the intermendiate zone compartment stratosphere;Front mask is the polycarbonate panels;The bottom of the motorcycle is equipped with fires and high-speed bearings,according to customer reqirements(ice cream machines,juice machines,ice machines,ice machines,grilled sausage machine,steamed dumplings,popcorn machine,etc.functions)

2. The cart floor is aluminum plate, anti-rust paint, anti rust and anti-slip;

3. The internal working platform of the cart are all made of stainless steel, reject the inferior material and reduce the harm to the body

Product Name

Food Truck/Food Cart/Food Trailer

Body Size


Body Size


Body Size


Body Size



Green, Red, Blue, White,Yellow



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