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64 trays safe automatic bread fermentation room in baking equipment
64 trays safe automatic bread fermentation room


bakery fermentation room


Below is detail for your reference:


Item NameFermentation Case
Item BrandMinggu
Specified Voltage380V/50H
Specified Power6 KW
Control Temperature30-110°C
Standard Biscuit Pans Available64PCS 
Overall Dimension1850x1100x1996mm 
Grill Dimesion710x865x1660mm 
Roast Dish Dimesion400x600mm 

Performance and Features:

The Model MG fermentation case automatically adjust by a tubular electric heating element, to heat the water in case, make a lot of water vapour, the humidity in the case can reach 60-90%, the temperature can be controled in 35°C-40°C, form an ideal environment for fermentation. Heating sheets are installed inside the machine.Inner water would be turned to as the state of fog.It would be the ideal fermenting environment.Our MG type fermenting machine is kind of excellence equipement for cake,bread.baking.

Control mode: Humidity,time,temperature can be controlled by inner programs.

Water pressure: standard pressure of common household running water.


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